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YoPlastic storefront open and ready for visitors

YoPlastic storefront open and ready for visitors

YoPlastic, Box Gallery 9/20-12/2019

As part of an ongoing project and residency at Coalesce bio-art laboratory the exhibition at Box Gallery YoPlastic, a pop up resource center for plastic eaters. YoPlastic is a food source being developed and presented as a storefront prototype. The exhibition is a complete design aesthetic for the anthropocene with S Thermophilus wall paper and chairs, yogurt container trials and shelving, images of cultural biological models, a video presentation of YoPlastic TED , and a production room that explores thingness and it-ness,

People eat plastic. People cannot digest plastic. Ideonella sakaiensis digests plastic. Virocode is developing a genetically modified food source to digest the plastic we eat. Human trials await your participation.

Alternative title: Searching the specter of thingness and conjuring haunted bacterial colony - a population for the uncanny valley.

Buffalo, NY., curated by JP Pierre

Bike Cart Crash stairwell.jpg

Bike Cart Crash America’s Just Desserts, Art Play/ground 9/2019

Immersive art Installation and experience at the site of a former school in Medina, NY.


AT This Time, Burchfield Penney ARt Center, 2018

“Artists frame the moment and hold us accountable. They are the voice of reason—and of resistance.”
Group show curated by Scott Propeak

virocode presented No Plan for the Future,


ReNatured, Art PlaY/Ground 10/2018

Governor's Island slimeUlation: Streptococcus gotta breathe, gotta leave, gotta  make what mess it please. 
What's a thing to do... @imaginationofspace @claudia_dauria #virocode #bioart #govenorsisland

YoPlastic, Imagination of Space, Cooper Union, Governors Island, 2019


The Dreamer Who Dreams

curated by Emily Tucker

Copy of Installation view - Screen Projects Public Art

No Plan For The Future, State University of NY at Buffalo, 2018

Screen Project public art project, curated by Rachel Adams Miller

virocode 5.jpg

Evolving Moisture, Hallwalls, 2010

Beyond/In Western New York regional exhibition, curated by John Massier

Copy of A Disappearance of The Source installation view Albright-Knox Art Gallery

Disappearance of the source, Albright Knox Art Gallery, 2011

Inaugural exhibition in the Room for New Media, curated by Heather Pesanti

virocode 4.jpg

Evolving Moisture, CEPA Gallery, 2010

Beyond/In Western New York regional exhibition, curated by Sean Donaher


A Backward Masking, Hallwalls, 2014

Amid/In WNY regional exhibition, curated by Kyle Butler, John Massier, and Rebecca Wing

What is happening?

The horns gather and disperse.

The vortex stages interference to embody the moment.

Connection and projection perform a gate phenomenon of one thing and another. One sense obfuscates another, masking meaning in an imperceptible quantum limit. This is a manifold of boundary spaces and the duplicity of technology.

As predicted by the rabbit, a foolish flame disperses heat and leaves its lesson of wind to the listener.


Feast and Famine, Paul Robeson Galleries, Rutgers University, Newark, NJ 2019

curated by Anonda Bell and PRG

echo insl for web-4.jpg

Echo Art Fair



Methods of Understanding

cell division.jpg

CLassroom 207, Villa Maria College

solo exhibition

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 9.07.58 AM.png

Performance, A Fortune in Monstrosity

Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center, 2010

If we knew how this would turn out we would have removed the blast shield…


In which nature abhors a vacuum


Diverseworks, Houston Tx -etc

a consideration of disease as a biological partner in human health and in understanding of our potential



(from Disquietly Encased in Skin) Contemporary Art Collective Las Vegas

Influence and infection align with a pathology that shades from all angles